Guerrilla was hired to put together a short video showcasing Edmonton's 2016 Diner en Blanc in July 2016. using two cameras, our team captured the sights and sounds of the night.

The event took place on a warm summer evening on Thursday, July 28, 2016 on the historic 4th Street Promenade in the downtown core. The skies were dramatic, ranging from sun to showers, and guests came prepared with white and clear ponchos, helping each other set up their tables and chairs and even sharing umbrellas. Few people expected this year's surprise venue, home to the City Market Downtown and many beloved street festivals.

Mireille Moquin's powerful voice filled the streets with warm and vibrant energy, while two Moet bicyclists dressed in white meandered through the crowd, charming passersby. We enjoyed our fastest set up yet, thanks to our returning guests, many of whom have attended all 3 years. Everyone collected their meals from our caterers Kathryn Joel and Doreen Prei of Get Cooking, unpacked their picnic baskets, and picked up their wine and champagne in record time.
Then began the napkin wave, led by 2 stilt walkers in white gliding towards the stage. DJ Thomas Culture took over the decks, while everyone tucked into dinner.

The wine and conversation flowed, and the dinner transformed into the most epic block party Edmonton has ever seen. At the lighting of the sparklers, people were laughing, cheering and dancing in the streets! And then, the clock struck 11 o'clock, and we all disappeared into the night, with hardly a trace to be seen the next morning.


Diner en Blanc |  Edmonton 2016