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Play your instrument and have Frettable's advanced AI immediately write the sheet music for you to save and print. Frettable is truly polyphonic, handling both notes and chords. Tabs are also generated for guitar and other stringed instruments.

Guerrilla was brought on to produce two videos for Frettable's app advertisement and demonstration. Beginning after an early pre-production meeting with founder Greg Burlet, we assisted with script development and put together a proposal which gave the client an understanding of what the finished product would look and sound like. Guerrilla brought on a professional sound recordist for the shoot day so that both vocals and instruments could be expertly captured in optimal quality. Our two-camera team were able to cover multiple angles in a short amount of time which allowed for many options in the editing room. During post production we maintained a strong communication so that the clients vision was fully realized.

"Justin & Sam (of Guerrilla Motion Pictures) are extremely professional, nice, and down-to-earth guys. They make a genuine effort to see your vision and execute it. Would and will recommend for other corporations or individuals looking for video production work!"     - Greg Burlet


#1 - Frettable App Demonstration


#2 - Frettable Backstory