Mind Games

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Conscience. An inner feeling or voice viewed as acting as a guide to the rightness or wrongness of one's behaviour. Emily has been pushed around all her life. When she's finally pushed too far and comes to a dramatic crossroad in her life, how will she deal with her conscience and the possible consequences?

Produced by Justin Kueber and Guerrilla Motion Pictures, Mind Games is a psychological short film written and directed by Michael Schaar-Ney starring Heidi Ellen (I Phub You) and Mary-Lou Drachenberg

Mind Games premiered in May 2017 in the Sparta Film Challenge in Ottawa and took home some awards including in the competition:

First Place : Mind Games

Best Visual Content : Mind Games
Best Soundtrack : Mind Games
Best Story : Mind Games
Best Acting : Mind Games
Best Actor : Heidi Ellen (Mind Games)

An official online release is coming soon.