An Original Song By Gelonius


Gelonius is down on his luck; he's having trouble picking up girls, his only friend is a green, drug-addicted humanoid and he is relentlessly ridiculed for his less than desirable jean jacket.

However, Gelonius' luck is drastically changed when three mysterious men show him a legendary jacket from before the dawn of mankind... that jacket is the Peacoat.

Gelonius soon discovers that his new Peacoat has flipped his luck with the ladies upside down and he has become the ultimate symbol of sexual desire.



Cinematography by Sam Reid

Edited by Sam Reid

Screen Story by Nathan Gelinas, Justin Kueber & Sam Reid

Lyrics Written & Performed by Nathan Gelinas

Produced by Nathan Gelinas, Justin Kueber & Sam Reid

Dance Choreography by Breanne St. Jean

Directed by Justin Kueber & Sam Reid

Music Video is available to watch below

Warning: The following video includes: Strong Language, Drug Abuse, Brief Nudity, and Pure Sex Appeal.


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