Sojourn Wellness Group is located in Sherwood Park, Alberta and offers a safe place for people to explore solutions and self-knowledge with the support of a psychological counselling therapist. 

Our goal in promoting Sojourn was to show what someone may experience coming into the clinic for the first time. Based on one-to-one meetings with the owners, we constructed a story script, shot list and brought on board one of our actors to bring this clients vision to life!

Our second video was a much more straightforward video tour of the offices. Using a variety of slider dolly shots, glidecam walking shots and drone aerial shots, viewers get a complete look inside the Sojourn.

Guerrilla Motion Pictures is continuing to work with Sojourn on more videos in the future.


#1 Experience Sojourn Wellness Group | promotional video

#2 Welcome to Sojourn Wellness Clinic | video tour