Sunday School: season one

Series Synopsis:

Four friends attempt to enter a business together selling lemonade from a lemonade stand. They soon face competition in a rival upstart juice stand business, malicious ex's and some guy named Trance. With no desire to find themselves in second place, the foursome will do whatever it takes to ensure their stand comes out on top!

Sunday School is a co-production with 201 Pictures


All 6 Season One Episodes

Contains language, viewer discretion is advised.


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Episode 1: Golden Opportunity

After quitting his job Justin approaches his best friend Mitchell in order to get advice on how to follow his dreams. Eric offers James his couch to crash on after James is dumped by his long time girlfriend Amy. Directed by Sam Reid

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Episode 2: Doers and Don'ters

Mitchell pitches his idea to the group: they are all going to open up a lemonade stand and sell lemonade on the street for a living. Eric asks Justin to takes James out on a double date to help with James' crippling depression. Directed by Justin Kueber

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Episode 3: Bloodhounds

The lemonade stand's business is floundering and Mitchell is the only one who takes any steps to rectify that. The morning after James' night with Mandy he gets his heart crushed when he finds out she wants an open relationship. Justin and Mitchell discover that their lemonade stand has some competition. Directed by Justin Kueber

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Episode 4: The Ballad of Steve Johnson and Gargantua 

James' ex-girlfriend Amy visits him at the lemonade stand bringing her new boyfriend Trance with her. Mitchell and Justin use Justin's girlfriend Carrie to help sabotage the rival juice stand. Directed by Justin Cauti

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Episode 5: Frilly Dress Academy

Thanks to Mitchell's secret ingredient the lemonade stand has taken off leaving all competition in their dust. This success brings an FDA Agent to the stand to figure out what the secret ingredient is. Directed by Sam Reid

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Episode 6: Brand of Brothers

Mitchell, fuelled by the loss of the lemonade stand, comes up with a plan for revenge against the rival juice stand. James goes head to head with Mandy's other boyfriend in order to be the one to win Mandy's heart. Directed by Justin Cauti

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