Cast & Crew Premiere

Hey guys, 

Last night we premiered The Immigrant: Revenge of El Diablo to the cast and crew. And…..they loved it!! It was amazing seeing everyone immersed in the movie that took just under 9 months to make. So much hard work and dedication was put into making this film and it was absolutely astonishing to see it all cut together with the people that made it happen. Looking at the reactions of everyone was a great experience—seeing everyone smile, laugh, even get frightened in a few instances—it was beautiful and I couldn’t be happier. I think even our main actor, Nima Taef was amazed at how well it turned out!


What’s next for us? Well, we are going to say goodbye to The Immigrant with some interviews and commentaries and then, we are onto our next project. I finished writing a Christmas-themed horror flick titled “The Twelve Slays of Christmas”, so Monday Sam and I are meeting up and we are going to start planning this beast. Really excited for this one, you guys!

-Justin Kueber