The Path: Making The Score (part 1)

We'll be going into more detail about the music for The Path in the coming weeks once the film is released but here's a short entry covering a bit of the process of scoring the film.

Last week Jason Medwid started work on the music for our upcoming short film The Path. We spent a few hours in his studio finding the the right sound for the film. It was awesome seeing the set up Jason has (you can get a glimpse at it in the included picture).

The two of us (Sam & Justin) are big fans of electronic music and we knew early on that we wanted that style of music in The Path. We expressed to Jason early on in the process that we didn't want the soundtrack to be full of melodies but rather be more of a sound scape. It had to have that dream-like quality and express musically what the main character was feeling in each given moment. We used music by composer Cliff Martinez (Traffic, Drive, Contagion) as an example of what we felt was the right style.

So far we've received some examples from Jason for the first bit of the film and we're happy to say that it's turning out very well. This has been our first experience working with a composer and it's been a rewarding experience, we can't wait to unleash this film to you all!

Composer Jason Medwid at work on The Path

Composer Jason Medwid at work on The Path


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