Guerrilla Profile: Shawn Knievel

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As I'm sure most of you are aware film making is a collaborative process. That's no different here at Guerrilla Motion Pictures. It's not just Sam Reid and Justin Kueber that do everything. On past projects we've worked with a number of talented actors, musicians and technicians so we're going to start highlighting certain individuals that give so much to our projects and make them that much better. Providing a short bio, examples of his or her work and links to their respective websites is our goal with these entries.

Our first Guerrilla Profile is Shawn Knievel who was our director of photography on our short film The Path.





Shawn knew in high school that he did not want a normal job, he wanted to be a film maker, before he even knew what that meant. Four years at Red Deer College gave him the skills and helped hone his imagination to do what he had always dreamed of.  In 2013 his film Dear 604 won best student film at the AMPIAS. He has been nominated for best cinematography and has had a handful of other nominations for his work. Shawn continues to work as a lamp op with IATSI 212 and shoot projects of his own on the side.


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