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As I'm sure most of you are aware film making is a collaborative process. That's no different here at Guerrilla Motion Pictures. It's not just Sam Reid and Justin Kueber that do everything. On past projects we've worked with a number of talented actors, musicians and technicians. These profiles highlight certain individuals that give so much to our projects and make them that much better. Providing a short bio, examples of his or her work and links to their respective websites is our goal with these entries.

Our third Guerrilla Profile is Jason Medwid who has composed music for our company's video logo, our short film The Path and our upcoming web series People Watchers.

We're also currently in production on a music video for one of Jason's songs "The Sun Is A Jukebox."

Jason was born in Edmonton and raised in the small town of Bon Accord. It was a peaceful childhood, but in a town where music and dancing were banned, the stress inflicted on the music-loving child built like a pint-sized Vesuvius. The breaking point came his Grade Nine Farewell where he smuggled in a boombox and blared Pat Benatar at his uptight neighbours. He feverishly danced, hoping to liberate his fellow citizens from their self-imposed shackles. Unfortunately, the citizenry was horrified and Jason was locked in the town's makeshift jail ("the fixin' shed") for a month, subsisting on only rainwater and Burger Baron hamburgers. His love of music remained.

After graduating from Sturgeon Composite High School (a poor student, he was only able to graduate by successfully blackmailing his English and Typing teachers), he headed to the University of Alberta. The past few years had been spent playing guitar along with RUSH albums played on his infamous boombox and this had equipped him for the local music scene. After hooking up with two other disturbed loners he knew in high school, Jason and pals formed the band OXEN.  Two albums were quickly recorded and met with intense criticism. A third album, a response to the criticism entitled "Do You Guys Even Hear Yourselves?" was never completed. OXEN has never formally disbanded and rumors of a reunion surface every few years.

After completing his degree and through an improbable set of coincidences, Jason joined Canada's most famous band The Smile Syndicate. In 2010, Jason assumed control of the band after founding keyboardist Cal Wriglus retired after over 30 years in the business. While not driving The Smile Syndicate bus down that dusty highway, he can be found doing some kind of IT work for some place.


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