Let's Rock & Roll

Why would a geologist take his girlfriend to a quarry? Because he wants to get a little boulder.

Yeah. Its tuff to make puns on the spot. I'd say they are simply stepping stones for things to come.

I’m really taking this blog time for granite. I really need to stop procrastinating, it feels like I've hit rock bottom.

Okay, that’s the last one, I promise.

As you may have seen, we have been working with Rockland Landscaping Supplies in St. Albert since the beginning of April on a series of informational videos that promote the many landscaping supplies and services  that they offer.

Our latest video was just released; an Internet commercial on the fast delivery service of Rockland. For this commercial we wanted to do something light, fun, and had to involve a jet.

We came up with the concept of “Jet Fast Delivery” which would feature footage of Gary in an actual fighter jet as he is navigating his team to deliver the boulder to a customer. We also wanted to introduce a rival character that always tries to foil Rockland’s plans (think Dick Dastardly from the old cartoons) – this led to the creation of Rick Astardly (played by Andrew Joseph Pahlke); a character who, despite his efforts, can never beat Rockland’s “jet fast” delivery service.

The shoot took us about two days total. We were fortunate to have such amazing weather and fantastic actors and material to work with. We had a blast shooting the commercial for Rockland. The jet footage was a lot of fun to incorporate and I mean, it’s a jet it’s awesome! If you haven’t seen the video yet, take a look at the link at the bottom of the page.

Winter is coming, which means our summer features for Rockland will be put on hold for until 2016. However, in the winter, Rockland provides a commercial Snow Removal service, sanding and ice management service that we are very excited to shoot and release to you in the upcoming months.

Thank you guys for your ongoing support and may the quartz be with you…(sorry I had to).

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