Edmonton's Biggest Pajama Party

Cloud Nine Pajamas has been providing Edmonton and St. Albert with high quality, top-notch pajamas and outstanding customer service for the better part of 10 years. Why not celebrate these highly successful 10 years by throwing Edmonton’s Biggest Pajama Party?

On October 3, 2015, we had the pleasure of documenting Edmonton’s Biggest Pajama Party thrown by Cloud Nine Pajamas at the Edmonton Valley Zoo. Now you might be asking yourselves: “what does Edmonton’s Biggest Pajama party entail” – well, my immediate thought was an old television show called Bananas in Pajamas. If you don’t remember it, the title pretty much explains the concept of the show: two dancing bananas who wear pajamas (ah, the simplicity of the 90’s).  We arrived at the zoo and there were no dancing bananas….however, it wasn’t too far off from the show. Why? Because 847 people were going absolutely BANANAS!  I mean, how could they not? There were $11,000 worth of prizes (including a diamond ring, vacation, pajamas for a year, and an iPad Mini), live music, great charities, food trucks and the zoo was open for everyone to explore. And best of all, everyone was in their Pajamas!

cloud nine 3.jpg

Let us explain this fantastic event for you:

The celebration kicked off at all three Cloud Nine Pajamas stores at 10am. We arrived at 10am and there were already lineups to get inside. With gift bags worth over $200, Cloud Nine cupcakes, 10 entries into the Grand Prize draw (for every $100 spent), and if you wore Pajamas to the party later that evening you were automatically entered into the draw, this large crowd was expected and might I add, extremely enthusiastic!

The draw prizes included: A diamond ring pendant worth over $6000, a dream vacation worth $3000, and Pajamas for a year valued at $1800. So it’s no wonder there was such a huge lineup!


The draw would take place at the Pajama Party which was at the Edmonton Valley Zoo from 5-8pm. 847 people showed up for the event. Let me repeat that again – EIGHT HUNDRED AND FORTY SEVEN PEOPLE SHOWED UP TO THE ZOO!! This was an amazing event and it was for a good cause(s) too. Five charities were involved with the party including:

- The Valley Zoo Development Society

- WIN House Women's Shelter

- Second Chance Animal Rescue Society

- Stop Abuse In Families (SAIF)

- Zebra Child Protection Center

How it worked was that each guest was given a $20 gift certificate to Cloud Nine Pajamas. For every dollar that they spent over $20, 15% of it would be given to a charity of their choice. Each charity had a booth set up for donations and information as well. All of the people that we interviewed really loved the charity aspect of the party as it raised a lot of awareness to these incredibly important charities (if you would like to learn more about each of these charities we invite you to click on the name and it will direct you to their website).

cloud nine 5.jpg

Along with the charities, there were local food truck vendors including: Afterbite Mobile Kitchen and Dedo’s Food Truck offering the best Shawarma in town! And, as well as, live music provided by the extremely talented and lively Stephen Lecky. We could have spent all day listening to Stephen perform. His “What is Your Dream” song was a huge hit with the crowd.  It was a real treat hearing him improvise the song on the spot mentioning every person in the audience’s dream/wish.

cloud nine 1.jpg

And then there was the zoo. We haven't been to the zoo in at least ten years. The last time we were there it was still the Storyland Valley Zoo. What a fantastic job the City of Edmonton has done with the place. It is totally revamped and just a wonderful experience. It brought back so many amazing memories of when we were kids at the zoo. You could tell the kids and even the adults had a great time wondering around the zoo.

The mix of the zoo, the pajamas, the prizes, charities, and just the positivity and happiness from the people who attended made this event a real pleasure to shoot. We had smiles on our faces from the minute we walked in to the minute we left and long after we returned home.

A big thank you goes out to Cloud Nine Pajamas for letting us document Edmonton’s Biggest Pajama party, the sponsors (Al –Brite Edmonton Jewellers, AMA Rewards, Yala, Pj Salvage), Stephen Lecky, the wonderful food vendors, the Edmonton Valley Zoo, and of course, all the smiling, pajama dressed people, that braved the cold weather and made this event as successful as it was. We can’t wait for next year!

If you haven’t seen the video yet take a look below and check out the highlights of Edmonton’s Biggest Pajama Party 2015.