2015 Canadian Food Championships

Bacon! Burger! Pasta! Sandwich! Seafood! Dessert!

Now that I’ve got your attention and most likely your mouth watering, let me tell you why I was shouting those delicious foods at you.

The Canadian Food Championships! What are the Canadian Food Championships? Well, the CFC is a food competition where Canada’s best amateur and professional cooks compete in one of six different categories to qualify for the World Food Championships in Kissimmee, Florida. 

What are the categories? Remember those delicious foods I shouted to you at the beginning of this post – Yep! All of those were categories…and believe me, they are as tasty as they sound!

Guerrilla Motion Pictures Inc. teamed up with City TV to film the four-day competition in Edmonton this past July. July 21-25 many eager chefs faced the heat not only from the scorching summer weather or the active audience of food connoisseurs that trickled in from the Taste of Edmonton, but also, also the sixty-minute timer that was counting against (or for in some cases) our chefs.

This Sunday on City TV Edmonton at 6pm, the Canadian Food Championships is set to air! Who will win their trip to Florida to compete for Canada in the World Championships?

…Sorry, I can’t spoil that right now. The Producers would probably “send us to Belize”. But, what I can tell you is a little bit of our experience filming our very first reality show this past summer! 

As I mentioned above there were six categories you could enter. The top three chefs in each category qualify to represent Team Canada at the World Food Championships in Florida. The first two days were the qualifier rounds where the top Five in each category would move on to compete in the Final Round that would take place on the last two days. The winners being announced on the main stage at the Taste of Edmonton in Sir Winston Churchill Square. We had the pleasure of providing video and sound for all four days of the event.

With reality shows, a lot of people are under the impression that they are scripted. I can guarantee you that none of this was scripted. If someone was plating their food with less than ten seconds on the clock, they were ACTUALLY plating their food with ten seconds left on the clock. This happened more than once too. In fact, someone plated their food on the judging table with one second remaining. My heart was racing at that point, could you imagine theirs?

 Jack's Burger Shack from St. Albert being interviewed 

Jack's Burger Shack from St. Albert being interviewed 

The aspect I really enjoyed about the CFC was that it wasn’t just professional chefs like you would see on the Food Channel. Some of these chefs were just stay at home moms or dads whose only experience is cooking for their children. Others were professional chefs – many who owned their own restaurant, sous-chefs, food truck chefs, caterers, etc. The best part is that it wasn’t one sided. You would be surprised, many of the home chefs held their own and made some kick-ass dishes (even outshining some of the pros)!

 Lindsay Porter from El Cortez in Edmonton

Lindsay Porter from El Cortez in Edmonton

Speaking of kick-ass dishes….HOLY! The foods that were coming out of the kitchen made my mouth water and tummy rumble. Hands down some of the most creative and visually appealing dishes you could feast your eyes on and the taste… we were fortunate enough to be given samples after each competition (the perks of being part of the camera crew) and this was some of the best food I have ever had.

Some dishes that stand out for me personally were created by Tu Le from Jack’s Burger Shack, Lindsay Porter at El Cortez, Levi Biddlecomb from Attila the Hungry Food Truck, Neil Krog from Twisted Forks Catering and Rusty Johnson from Rusty’s BBQ in Vancouver. Seriously, some of the tastiest most flavorful foods I have ever sunk my teeth into.

 Chef Levi Biddlecomb of  Attila the Hungry Food Truck  gearing up for the competition. 

Chef Levi Biddlecomb of Attila the Hungry Food Truck gearing up for the competition. 

We had an amazing time filming the CFC and interacting with the chefs. Getting to watch them work and see their passion for food and learn about their inspirations for their dishes and just getting to know them personally was truly a pleasure in itself. One of our favorite chefs to interact with was Neil Krog from Twisted Forks Catering. He was one of the hands down funniest people we have ever met; like, he could have been given his own reality show, funny. His jokes, random cat noises, and dancing skills were constantly making us giggle. And, to boot, his dishes were top notch as well!

 Neil Krog from Twisted Forks Catering

Neil Krog from Twisted Forks Catering

Rusty Johnson was another one of our favorites to film. This guy could cook a burger blindfolded and it would taste better than anything you have ever had in your life. He’s another guy who should be given his own cooking show. I would watch it. Heck, I would film it! The only word that comes to mind when I think of the burger he made: LIFE CHANGING. Seriously, that good.

 Rusty Johnson from Rusty's BBQ

Rusty Johnson from Rusty's BBQ

Filming the Canadian Food Championships was truly a fantastic time. A big thank you goes out to City TV, WFC, our amazing crew (Jeff, Nelson, Adrian & his jokes, Owen, and Josh) the chefs, live audience and viewers at home for making this thing possible and letting us join in on the ride. Every day it was a pleasure to film and we can’t wait to see how the final product turns out. Tune in SUNDAY OCTOBER 25 6pm on CITY TV to find out who the winners are at the 2015 Canadian Food Championships.

Posted on October 22, 2015 .