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What is a “Phub”?

A question that has puzzled mankind for centuries - well, maybe not.

A lot of people have been asking us, what does the phub mean in our Storyhive funded short film, “I Phub You”?

A phub is simply a phone snub. Snubbing someone or something in favor of your cellphone.

buster keaton silent film

So putting it into the context of our short film:

I Phub You is a silent comedy that centers around Kurtis, a timid young adult trying to communicate in a world where communication is through cellphones and the internet. After an accident that leaves the world around him "silent", Kurtis rediscovers what it means to communicate and ultimately, how to fall in love within the confines of his current condition. It's commentary on the current state of our technologically dependent society told in a unique way. The film is our love letter to classic silent cinema which plays perfectly to our much larger themes of communication, interaction and finding love in an internet-dominated culture.

Now you know!

In other “I Phub You” news, we had an amazing table read this past week. We met with our wickedly talented cast and discussed the project. Production is slated to happen in Edmonton November 11, 13, 19 & 20th. With a little under a week until we shoot our first scene, we could not be more excited!

I Phub You Silent Film