The Importance of Having Aerial Video & Photography in Your Next Project

Drones or as we prefer to call them, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) have flown out of the sci-fi movies and war zones into Canadian business, and many of the country’s largest firms - whether real estate, engineering, law, or inspection - are putting them to use.



Drones are able to get those perspectives that were once deemed “unfilmable” or tremendously high-priced due to helicopter fees. They also give a birds eye view of an area, home, structure. And, they can reach places that were once seen as being too dangerous or too risky. 


Where can I find a drone pilot in Edmonton and Area?

Look no further! Guerrilla Aerials is the newest chapter of Guerrilla Motion Pictures Inc. that specializes in aerial videography and photography in Edmonton, Calgary and throughout the province of Alberta. Guerrilla Aerials will take your vision to new heights with the latest drone technology including the DJI Phantom 3. Offering crisp 4K video quality and stunning 12MP still capture we will be sure to captivate your audience and provide you with a perspective unlike anything that has been ever seen before.

We guarantee we will be able to capture beautiful footage regardless of the task or location and we will be able to achieve this at a fraction of the cost of a helicopter.


What can be filmed and photographed?

Right now, UAV technology is providing a competitive edge to the companies who’ve successfully adopted it.  What can be filmed you may be asking? Well, everything from:

- Real Estate Video

- Golf Course Aerial Footage

- Land Assessment & Surveying

- Litigation  

- Corporate Video

- Inspections

- Aerial Photography & Video

- Topography

 Just to name a few…


If Aerial Photography or Video in Edmonton or Alberta is something that interests you, please send us an email today: and we will discuss taking your idea to new and exciting heights! Give your next video the drone advantage.