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It never fails to amaze when you see an aerial view of a picturesque location – even the Edmonton skyline, in all its beauty, is wondrous to the eye. Undoubtedly there are many wonders our world has to offer, and there is still much to discover. To find these truly spectacular shots, you must be in the air. 

It is very easy to achieve aerial imagery, but there are some points to consider when choosing the right company. If you are looking for Aerial Video & Photography Services in Edmonton, this article will take you through how to choose the right company.

What is the right company?

Guerrilla Motion Pictures of course! We proudly provide Aerial video and photography in Edmonton and Alberta! Our services include: real estate video, land surveying, corporate video, stock footage, and wedding videography too! Through our post-production studio, we can provide your complete video package, so you just have to go to one place!


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About Our Drones

Our drones are used in the field of video & photography. A drone is an incredible tool that can help capture stunning aerial photographs that were once unimaginable. You may have seen some impressive aerial images of landscapes such as mountains, rivers, deserts and fields in the movies. A helicopter was once the only way used to film these images, costing roughly $10,000. However, now, with the accessibility & inexpensiveness of drones, there is almost no need for a helicopter. We pride ourselves on the quality of our drone imagery, which can compete with helicopters at a fraction of the cost. If you want to enjoy aerial photographs without spending a fortune, then drones are your best bet.

Drone Videography in Edmonton

About Us

Guerrilla Motion Pictures provides high quality drone services in Edmonton. Our drones come in many variants. You can easily choose the most suitable for your needs in photography and video. Here is a little bit about us and our services:

1. The permits to shoot in the air – There are too many “drone operators” operating illegally. Hire a company that takes time to prepare the air permits required to take in your project. We provide ourselves on our safe and legal operations – our pilots are equipped with a Transport Canada mandatory SFOC, ROC-A, UAV Training and liability insurance.

2. Drone Video Service in Edmonton – We are proudly serving Edmonton with all their drone services. However, we are not limited to just Edmonton. We can travel all over Alberta to help you with all your drone needs.

3. Budget and Availability- We have a wide range of systems and assemblies. Our drone fleet is not limited to just one option with our Phantom 3 Pro and in 2017 our Inspire 2 drones. With our wide range of drones comes a wide range of budget options depending on the scope of your project. Send us a message today to discuss your vision.

Guerrilla Motion Pictures, a video & photography company based in Edmonton, can be of immense help to a landlord, property owner or real estate developers. These high quality videos can be put up on YouTube, Instagram, and different websites and on mobile applications. Stunning videos of the property taken from above the ground can help potential buyers decipher in a better way your property and its surroundings. It will also magnify the immense beauty and charm of an exceedingly beautiful city. Attractive and sharp aerial images and videos of the house can prove to be a highly effective marketing tool for your property.

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Benefits of Edmonton Aerial Drone Video Photography

More and more people are going for aerial video and aerial photography. This is quite understandable as the bird's eye view of the property that is stable, sharp, smooth and precise enhances the overall charm of the image.

A good aerial video production firm can produce super high resolution images and HD quality videos. State of the art drones and creative minds of its professionals will invariably ensure that you get the best return on your investment.

We are well-established and well-known aerial video production company based in Edmonton. Using state-of the art drones and equipment our aim is to bring unique and captivating videos and its surroundings from the sky. Let us take your vision to new heights! 

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