On The Rocks - Blog Update #1

Hi everyone,

First and foremost, WOW! $1380 in 18 days - that is incredible. We can't even begin to thank you for your generosity and kindness. To put it in perspective, $1380 will cover hotel rooms and actor wages, along with paying for some of the special effects required for this film. We are so incredibly thankful to have so many supportive fans out there that support the film and support us as filmmakers as well.

That being said, we have 12 days left and we would love to surpass $1500 (and maybe even $2000) for the campaign. We have an awesome and very popular perk right now, the "YouTube Shout Out Perk". For $25 we will record a YouTube Thank You Shout Out which comes with us reenacting a famous scene in a Hollywood movie. We are terrible actors but it's fun and you get to see us out of our comfort zone - and let's be honest, we are having a pretty awesome time making them. So far we thanked Harleena Braich with a famous scene in Tommy Wiseau's "The Room" and Parker Budda and Jordan Underhill with a famous scene in Nicolas Cage's "The Wicker Man". What's coming up next? Well, we don't want to ruin the surprise but tomorrow Justin Kueber serenades Kyle Connolly to a song from his favourite movie. Check our YouTube Page out tomorrow for all the fun!

If you would like to donate and have a YouTube shoutout and reenactment video click the link below:


As far as the film goes, we are starting to lock down all the locations required for filming. Pretty much left to find is interior scenes and a Canola Field as of right now. Cadet Uniforms, on the other hand, that's a whole different story. If anyone is able to lend us one Cadet Uniform we would be so very grateful. We only need it for one day of shooting too. 

As well, audition resumes and head shots are due tomorrow July 17 at midnight so if you haven't sent in a resume or headshot yet, you have a little bit of time left to do so. So far we have received SO SO SO SOOOOO many applications and we love you all for it. It makes us so happy seeing so many actors and actresses showing interest in this project. It's going to be impossible to choose a cast with so many great auditions and resumes sent in. We should have a finalized cast by next week! 

We are still looking for an OLD MAN for a minor role - the role is not exhausting by any means, however, it is one of the most important roles in the film. If you are interested in this role email us and we will tell you about it because we don't want to spoil any details of the film on the blog. Especially a character of such great importance. If your grandpa or neighbour or friend has ever dreamed of being in a film, this is their chance. 

Email us at: 


I (Justin Kueber) haven't really talked about the film as we (Sam and Justin) have kept the plot pretty much under wraps. Since you guys have showed us so much support on our campaign I'll give you a detailed description of the plot without giving too much away:

"Grace and Adam are two infatuated teenagers who decide to run away from home and start a new life on the road. Things start off beautifully as the two are away from their problematic homes and enjoying a seemingly carefree life in the Alberta prairies.  However, after finding themselves stranded in Alberta’s Badlands without any food and barely enough water to survive, their relationship is put to test…" 

ON THE ROCKS is as much a survival story as it is a coming of age story about two teenagers without any direction trying to find their path in life. I know what you are thinking, "boring love story"....come on guys! This is a story from my mind. Give me some credit! This film is so important to me because it touches issues that I am so deeply passionate about and issues that are extremely relevant in today's society. Without ruining anything, I think this film is going to be in your minds for a long time after watching it.   But, that's all I'm saying for now ;)


 Anyways, we will post more updates as we round out our cast and crew. As always, thank you guys for your continued support. If it weren't for you, this film would just be lines on a computer screen. Thank you so much for helping it come to life.

Justin Kueber
Sam Reid
Guerrilla Motion Pictures Inc. 


Guerrilla Update

ARRRGHHHHHHHHH!! What is that noise you may ask? That’s our Guerrilla scream and we are celebrating officially becoming an incorporated company; Guerrilla Motion Pictures Incorporated! It has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it?

Along with getting incorporated we have been busy, busy, busy here at Guerrilla. Firstly, we have been working with Rockland Landscaping Supplies in St. Albert on a series of short corporate videos that showcase the landscaping products that they offer. Our first video was on Screened Topsoil & Garden Mix. If you haven’t seen it yet check it out on YouTube right here:

Our next video is on Fire Rock, Boulder Drilling, Sandblasting, and Boulder Delivery – we even got to bring out the GoPro camera for some very cool “IN YOUR FACE” action shots. We are very excited to share it with you! And if you haven’t stopped by Rockland, and you are in the Edmonton/St. Albert area, we highly recommend going to check the place out. It has all your home/garden landscaping needs and superb customer service.


Our GoPro perspective from inside the rock.

Our GoPro perspective from inside the rock.


Next, we have been working on our short comedy sketch “10 Signs Your Friend is Becoming THAT Married Guy”. Our first day of shooting we saw some familiar and some new faces stop by set; Brody Connolly, Justin Kueber, and Daniel James were all part of the first day. We have a few more surprises and cameos for this one so sit tight. We hope to have it finished within the next couple weeks.


Brody Connolly and Daniel James star in "10 Signs Your Friend is Becoming THAT Married Guy"

Brody Connolly and Daniel James star in "10 Signs Your Friend is Becoming THAT Married Guy"


We are also gearing up for one of our major short films of this summer titled “On the Rocks”. We can’t really tell you much about this film as of right now but it’s a very cool idea and we hope to start shooting in late July/August.


Lastly, we just finished shooting our very first wedding video! We have wanted to shoot wedding videography in Edmonton and area for quite some time and we finally shot our first one June 6th for Ben & Keri Crawford. The wedding was incredibly beautiful and the ceremony could not have been more perfect. The sun was shining, people were smiling, and it was just an amazing day. We had a blast shooting the event and we can’t wait to share the video with you.  Here are a few screenshots of the wedding that we have gathered so far:

A big thanks to Ben & Keri for letting us shoot video for your remarkable wedding and a huge Congratulations guys! Also a big shout out to EarlGray Images who provided beautiful photography for the wedding and the wedding planner, Brittany, at Forever Enchanting Wedding & Event Planning.

If anyone is looking for wedding videography in Edmonton, look no further! Send us an email and we will set up a perfect wedding package for your special day.

That’s all from us here at Guerrilla Motion Pictures Inc. As always, we thank you for your ongoing support and we will catch ya later!

Justin Kueber

Sam Reid

Guerrilla Motion Pictures Inc.

Guerrilla Motion Pictures 2014: A Year in Review

It seems like just yesterday we were wrapping up 2013 with the release of Guerrilla Motion Pictures first short film, The Immigrant: Revenge of El Diablo. We were a couple of post-graduate aspiring filmmakers trying to get our feet wet in something that we hadn’t touched on since, well, The Immigrant in 2008.


Skip ahead twelve very busy months and here we are now at the end of 2014; we’re still the same aspiring filmmakers, except now we have a little more experience, a little better equipment, and a whole lot more to show for! There was a terrible movie trailer that repeated the phrase, “never forget where you came from” so, why not do that by recapping our year! Here is our extremely exciting Guerrilla Motion Pictures Year In Review 2014:


Our tale starts in January. It was snowing, it was cold, and it was also a defining moment for Guerrilla Motion Pictures. We had just finished The Immigrant: Revenge of El Diablo and we were back in the game (yeah, we just quoted our own movie). However, we really wanted to establish ourselves as a company that does Corporate Videos and Event Videos, along with short films and music videos. It was tough because no company wanted to hire us due to  “our lack of experience”. This was somewhat disheartening…


But, then it fell to us, like a Christmas gift one month late; we were asked to do photography and videography, along with the live streaming of hockey games for the 36th Annual John Reid Memorial Bantam AAA Hockey Tournament in St. Albert, Alberta. Four days of exciting hockey and non-stop filming had us gleaming with joy and caffeine from all the cups of coffee we were drinking! But, all in all we had an absolute blast shooting our first (of hopefully many) sporting events and we rocked our first Corporate gig like a Brian May guitar solo.

Our next big endeavor was the Peacoat Music Video for local artist, Gelonius, which we started filming in January. This was our first time using actors other than our friends, having a choreographer, and having nudity in one of our projects so it was exciting times for all of us. What started out being a fun little project, turned into something truly special. When we released the music video it reached 69,000 views before it was taken down for content (damn, nudity & lyrics). However, this was a feat that none of us even began to think of when we started filming, we just wanted to do something fun for an equally fun song. Seeing it take off like a wildfire was truly exhilarating but also frightening in a sense….much like an actual wildfire!


Along with making new videos, we also got to invest in some new equipment; lights, cameras, a 12-foot jib, and a boom microphone just to name a few new pieces to our growing arsenal. We were able to use these tools for our first serious film, The Path. We shot the film in March, braving the -12 degree weather, with a full cast and crew. Riley Alexander, Jeff Woodward, and Carlee Ryski rounded out the star-studded cast, along with our beautiful extras, and an equally amazing crew assembling from all over Alberta. The Path also featured original music from Jason Medwid of The Smile Syndicate. The Path was a very special film because the story meant so much to both of us, as well as it was our first kick at something serious. Sure it didn’t get into some film festivals, but it was something that was true to us and hopefully it was able to affect the audience that did view it.

In April, we were given the privilege to work on the Canadian Gene Cure Foundation, 2013 Champions of Genetics video. Interview and laboratory footage was collected from nine Canadian scientists whose research in genetics will impact the way genetic diseases will be treated in the future. With this footage, we put together a 15-minute video that recognizes and honours these researchers who have "dedicated themselves to making the key discoveries [and have] put Canada firmly on the global scientific map.”


It was an absolute honour for us to make this video for the CGCF. We had a fantastic time putting it together and we even learned a thing or two about the future of Genetics in Canada, and ultimately, the World.

At the end of April, we worked on the Roy Financial Mayors Walk for the City of St. Albert. The Mayors Walk is an event that raises money for local charities. The city mayor, Nolan Crouse, was kind enough to give us a few words about why this event is so important to the city of St. Albert. Our small crew consisting of Justin Kueber, Justin Hardy and Sam Reid had an amazing time shooting the event and we were happy to be a part of this great cause.


For our work on the video, we were awarded the 2014 Volunteer Friendly Business Award from the City of St. Albert and we are very grateful for this!

In May, we worked another non-profit event for Impossible 2 Possible Edmonton Run-A-Thon with Jon Sinclair and Melissa Gosse. We provided photography and video footage for the twelve-hour marathon.  Melissa and Jon are currently spreading their positivity and enthusiasm for running all around the world. They are in Chile right now and we wish them all the best in their endeavors!


In June, we got to shoot the first episode of our sporadic web series, People Watchers. The series stars Daniel James and Nick Smith as private detectives who break down society and all of its flaws. It ended up getting amazing reception, including an article in the St. Albert Leader by Glenn Cook. This is an idea we had for a web-series since September of 2013 so it was nice to finally see it in all it’s beauty. We can’t wait to film more episodes in early 2014!

In July, we were quite busy; we released our surprise music video for Gelonius’ song, The Last Slice, which was a love story about a man (Mark Trudel) and his last slice of pizza. Not even Gelonius knew we were going to do this, so the release was a complete spur of the moment surprise. The Last Slice was shown at the RDC Film Festival in Red Deer and The St. Albert Film Festival.

We also started work on The Smile Syndicate’s music video for their hit song, “The Sun is a Jukebox.” One of our own, Justin Kueber, even got to dress up as a Hot Dog and have a cameo appearance. The second day of shooting occurred in October and we had over twenty volunteers participate in the choreographed dance (thanks to Kelly Weatherbee). If you’re ever feeling down this winter because of the weather, take a look at the video and all your troubles will be forgotten! Seriously though, the song is more infectious than Ebola!


The concept of  “the Web Series” became something completely new to us this year. We went from not really knowing what a web series was, to having three in production. People Watchers, Ask Nima (featuring Nima Taef) and Sunday School, a co-production with 201 Pictures.




We finished shooting Sunday School in December and it was quite a sad last day of production. Wrapping the characters that we fell in love with was difficult to swallow but at the same time, it made us realize we were on to the editing stage and that much close to releasing this beast of a web series. The series is six episodes, ten minutes each; Justin Cauti from 201 Pictures, Justin Kueber (Guerrilla), and Sam Reid (Guerrilla) will direct two episodes each. The themes of each episode vary from Breaking Bad all the way to Martin Scorsese. The list of actors is way too great to list here but we can guarantee you will fall in love with this series when it debuts sometime in February!


As the Summer came to an end, we closed it out by having Sam Reid do photography for Fiesta Mexicana Ronda 2, a music event just outside Sherwood Park. And we also provided music (Kueber & Brody Connolly) and photography (Reid) for the University of Alberta Pandas Soccer Team Alumni Event. We had almost too good of a time at both of these events and still love looking at the photos to this day. Take a look at the Photo Album tab on our Facebook Page if you want to see the fun times that ensued.

In September, Justin Kueber, Justin Cauti, and Andrew Joseph Pahle embarked on a mission to create a short film in 24 hours.  We called ourselves 201 Guerrillas, which was a combination of Guerrilla and 201 Pictures. The film was for the 24/One Filmmaking Challenge for the Edmonton International Film Festival. Our film, OVERTIME, ended up winning
Best Actor, Best Editing and Best Sound! I think we are still catching up on sleep from this event!


In October, we started our work on our newest short film, Mindy. Our goal was to beat the snow and we did just that. We captured some gorgeous Fall cinematography and didn’t have to re-write due to the snow. Mindy stars the electric, Andrew Joseph Pahlke and a blow-up doll named Mindy. Yes, it is as weird as it sounds! Mindy also features the beautiful score by Jason Medwid and narration by Daniel James. Check it out if you want a satire on the romantic films that plague our society and film festivals.


We closed off the year by working on two more Corporate Videos; one for Moms Earning More and the other for Arcadia Bar (and Vegan Restaurant) on 124th Street in Edmonton. Both videos are still in the editing process but we can guarantee you will enjoy them once they are released. Check out our website for details on the release.  And, if you are in the mood for delicious vegan cuisine, live music or local craft beers, go check out Arcadia. It’s one of the coolest spots in Edmonton!


Well, that brings our Year in Review to an end, and if you are still reading this we commend you for listening to our boasting for the past 1600 words. 2014 was a great year for us to grow but to quote The Carpenters, “we’ve only just begun!”

2015 is sure to be an even bigger year for us. Just to name a few of the events that we have already booked:


-       The John Reid Memorial Hockey Tournament (January 15-18)

-       Four new People Watchers episodes (two shooting in January)

-       The release of Sunday School (February 2015)

-       Weekly Film Reviews from Justin Kueber

-       Sunday School Season Two

-       A few secret short films (sorry we can’t spoil it)

-       A new music video for the Smile Syndicate’s next song

-       A feature film (hopefully being shot this summer)

-       Our first wedding video

-       And even more corporate and event work!


As always, we thank you guys for your continued support. Your feedback on the stuff that we make gives us great joy and happiness so…keep it up! We enjoy hearing from you!


From our Guerrilla Family to yours, we wish you all a very Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and Happy New Year!




Justin Kueber

Sam Reid


Guerrilla Motion Pictures


Guerrillas In The News

Our good friend Glenn Cook at the St. Albert Leader met with us this past Monday to talk about our new web series People Watchers and where we're going in the future with GMP. It's another great article we were happy to be a part of!

original article here:


Local Filmmakers Debut New Web Series

by Glenn Cook


Justin Kueber (left) and Sam Reid are the founders of St. Albert’s Guerrilla Motion Pictures and creators of the new web series People Watchers. (GLENN COOK, St. Albert Leader)

Justin Kueber (left) and Sam Reid are the founders of St. Albert’s Guerrilla Motion Pictures and creators of the new web series People Watchers. (GLENN COOK, St. Albert Leader)

A local film company is hoping to make people both laugh and think with their new web series.

On Monday afternoon, the team at Guerrilla Motion Pictures released the first instalment of their new series, People Watchers, which follows two private detectives as they stake out different cases and analyze the societal flaws they encounter along the way.

Creators and Guerrilla founders Justin Kueber and Sam Reid said the idea for the series came out their own conversations about what they saw going on around them.

“So we came up with the idea of thinking of something where it’s literally just two characters talking, and we’ll build a show around that,” Reid said. “And then it just made sense to make them private investigators, and then you can put them in different scenarios.”

In the first episode, the detectives — Mike Hammer, played by Dan Stilwell, and Blair Dent, played by Nick Smith — are watching a couple in which the woman mother believes the man is being abusive.

“The first one kind of critiques weird relationships, relationships that appear to the eye to be something different and potentially built on ulterior motives,” Kueber said.

One of the quirks of the show thus far, though, is that it only shows the two detectives in their car, leaving them to describe for the viewer the people they’re staking out.

“It all relies on the actors,” Reid said.

It also relies on their two-camera setup, which allows them to capture some great improvised scenes that Stilwell and Smith came up with on the spot.

“There was one (scene) actually, where (one actor) referenced Born on the Fourth of July, and the other didn’t know what that was. He went, ‘What?!’” Kueber said. “But we ended up using that because it was his natural reaction. … They were able to feed off each other’s momentum, and it was great to see it together.”

With it being a web series, Reid and Kueber plan to gauge the success of People Watchers both through the number of YouTube views and through the reaction it gets on social media.

“It’s good to get a gauge from someone that isn’t our group of friends,” Kueber said. “It’s nice; we’ve got a little following now of people that don’t really know us personally, and I think that gives us a more natural reaction, a truer reaction. If they hate it, they’ll tell us.”

“It’s good to hear that,” Reid added, “because not everything works all the time.”

There’s no set schedule for new episodes of People Watchers, which is allowing Guerrilla to collaborate with other writers and directors, including Justin Cauti from 201 Pictures in Edmonton.

“It’s something we could do any time of the year, when something comes to mind,” Kueber said.

The theme music for People Watchers was another collaboration, this time with local musician Jason Medwid, who released his first CD last year under the name The Smile Syndicate. In turn, the Guerrilla team is hard at work on a music video for Medwid.

But that’s not the only project Reid and Kueber have on their plates. They also provided video coverage of this year’s John Reid Memorial Tournament, and are working hard on a number of corporate videos for local businesses.

“I think we really want to go down that route a lot stronger in the next little while,” Reid said. “We love doing that stuff.”

For more information on Guerrilla or to watch People Watchers,

— GLENN COOK, St. Albert Leader