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On The Rocks - Production Diary #3

It’s been a long time since we’ve had any sort of update for On the Rocks…I mean a really long time. So much progress has been made on the film, I don’t even know where to start.

I guess, first things first, the film isn’t finished. We are so damn close – probably about a couple months away from having a finalized film. Right now, the project is in the hands of our very talented sound designer, Jesse Luce from Guerrilla Sound. Guerrilla Sound and Guerrilla Motion Pictures, it really is the perfect match. Jesse is doing a phenomenal job with the mix and from what we’ve heard it sounds fantastic and is just what this film needs.


Secondly, the music is officially finished thanks to our genius composer, Geoff Manchester from Toronto. It is unbelievable! We want to share with you every piece that he has composed as it is super cool and emotionally impeccable, but you’re going to have to wait for the film to be released. We are so happy with this music and even happier to have made a friend, Geoff, in the process. Communicating back and fourth with Geoff has been one of the most organic, enriching, experiences we have ever had as filmmakers. We are so happy to have him on board Team On the Rocks. If you would like a sample of one of the tracks in the film please visit this link and check out this super informative video on how it was made:

Follow Geoff on Twitter @GeoffManch

As well, we released the Official Trailer for On the Rocks. In one week it has surpassed 1700 views. We never imagined it to take off the way it did and the reception has been great so far. It sounds like lots of people want to see the film which is exactly what we want to see JThank you to each and every one of you who has shared the trailer, viewed the trailer and expressed your interest in the film. It really feels good seeing so many people wanting to watch the film we worked so hard to make. If you haven’t seen the trailer yet – CLICK HERE

On the Rocks follows, Grace and Adam, two infatuated teenagers who run away from their troubled homes and take on a life on the road. After finding themselves stranded in the Badlands with no food or water, their relationship is put to the test. The film really traverses the entire province of Alberta. We shoot in the city, the prairies and Badlands taking full advantage of the raw beauty and diverse landscapes of Alberta.  We can’t really give away too much involving the plot but what we can say is that this plot above is only a miniscule piece of a much bigger pie ;)


It’s been a long journey but seeing this passion project come together has been an incredible experience. Even though the film is still not finished, I truly believe we have something special here. This film is the product of an extremely hard working and talented cast and crew who believed in the project since day one. We are so happy to have worked with this incredible team; it was such a rewarding, organic experience. A big thank you also goes out to all the people who supported this project; whether it was through our Indiegogo campaign, props, locations, or just showing us some love on social media, it means the world to us. This film could never have been made without you guys, so we are forever grateful for your generous support! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Please take a look at the brand new website: for Stills, Synopsis, Behind the Scenes, etc.

Thank you for your support,

Justin Kueber & Sam Reid