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Our good friend Glenn Cook at the St. Albert Leader met with us this past Monday to talk about our new web series People Watchers and where we're going in the future with GMP. It's another great article we were happy to be a part of!

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Local Filmmakers Debut New Web Series

by Glenn Cook


Justin Kueber (left) and Sam Reid are the founders of St. Albert’s Guerrilla Motion Pictures and creators of the new web series People Watchers. (GLENN COOK, St. Albert Leader)

Justin Kueber (left) and Sam Reid are the founders of St. Albert’s Guerrilla Motion Pictures and creators of the new web series People Watchers. (GLENN COOK, St. Albert Leader)

A local film company is hoping to make people both laugh and think with their new web series.

On Monday afternoon, the team at Guerrilla Motion Pictures released the first instalment of their new series, People Watchers, which follows two private detectives as they stake out different cases and analyze the societal flaws they encounter along the way.

Creators and Guerrilla founders Justin Kueber and Sam Reid said the idea for the series came out their own conversations about what they saw going on around them.

“So we came up with the idea of thinking of something where it’s literally just two characters talking, and we’ll build a show around that,” Reid said. “And then it just made sense to make them private investigators, and then you can put them in different scenarios.”

In the first episode, the detectives — Mike Hammer, played by Dan Stilwell, and Blair Dent, played by Nick Smith — are watching a couple in which the woman mother believes the man is being abusive.

“The first one kind of critiques weird relationships, relationships that appear to the eye to be something different and potentially built on ulterior motives,” Kueber said.

One of the quirks of the show thus far, though, is that it only shows the two detectives in their car, leaving them to describe for the viewer the people they’re staking out.

“It all relies on the actors,” Reid said.

It also relies on their two-camera setup, which allows them to capture some great improvised scenes that Stilwell and Smith came up with on the spot.

“There was one (scene) actually, where (one actor) referenced Born on the Fourth of July, and the other didn’t know what that was. He went, ‘What?!’” Kueber said. “But we ended up using that because it was his natural reaction. … They were able to feed off each other’s momentum, and it was great to see it together.”

With it being a web series, Reid and Kueber plan to gauge the success of People Watchers both through the number of YouTube views and through the reaction it gets on social media.

“It’s good to get a gauge from someone that isn’t our group of friends,” Kueber said. “It’s nice; we’ve got a little following now of people that don’t really know us personally, and I think that gives us a more natural reaction, a truer reaction. If they hate it, they’ll tell us.”

“It’s good to hear that,” Reid added, “because not everything works all the time.”

There’s no set schedule for new episodes of People Watchers, which is allowing Guerrilla to collaborate with other writers and directors, including Justin Cauti from 201 Pictures in Edmonton.

“It’s something we could do any time of the year, when something comes to mind,” Kueber said.

The theme music for People Watchers was another collaboration, this time with local musician Jason Medwid, who released his first CD last year under the name The Smile Syndicate. In turn, the Guerrilla team is hard at work on a music video for Medwid.

But that’s not the only project Reid and Kueber have on their plates. They also provided video coverage of this year’s John Reid Memorial Tournament, and are working hard on a number of corporate videos for local businesses.

“I think we really want to go down that route a lot stronger in the next little while,” Reid said. “We love doing that stuff.”

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— GLENN COOK, St. Albert Leader