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Interview with Skylar Radzion | Actress | I Phub You | STORYHIVE | Edmonton Film Production

Our Storyhive funded short film I Phub You is officially complete and sent in to Telus. In the weeks leading up to the February release we are going to be posting a series of interviews with the people that made this film happen (cast, crew, etc!) so you can get to know us a little better. We are going to be asking about their process and their take on the film.

Today, we have the multi-talented, Skylar Radzion. Skylar is an actor, a singer and sometime model. In addition to her IMDB credited roles she has appeared in many short films, videos and commercials. Her first major role was for cult classic Director Ulli Lommel. She was just 16 years old, and was cast as the lead for Boogyeman: Reincarnation, out of 100s of applicants. Her second film, a thriller, Breaking Spirits is due for release in 2017. She loves to sing and is working on her first EP. Skylar plays the role of Tabatha in I Phub You.

 When you first read the script what were your thoughts?

I loved the idea of the silent film aspect. I've never seen an idea like this in a plot. I wanted to be apart of something not only different but funny too. It also reminded me that we are too dependent on our cellphones and such. We've lost touch with the art of being able to sit down and have a face to face conversation.

Skylar Radzion Actress Edmonton
I Phub You Film

What made you want to pursue acting in this film?

A big part of it was that this years’ Storyhive was all about women directing. Shannon was so awesome to work with. Another part was reading the sides and laughing about how self absorbed Tabatha is.

Skylar Radzion
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Describe your character. Were there any influences to how you portrayed it?

One word. Kardashians.

My character is self centred and only cares about herself, she is the epitome of today's rich kids. It's all about looks and what you have. Tabatha really doesn't care about Kurtis, what she really cares about is the latest trends and getting a free meal

Skylar Radzion Actress

Do you have any memorable stories from being on set?

 It sounds cliché but really everybody was so great to work with. I always love how kind and supportive the people in the Edmonton industry are. One of my favourite moments is playing game pigeon with Sabrina while waiting for us to be called on set. (She kicked my butt).

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What is your favorite silent film?

I'm sure a lot of people would say the same but I really like Chaplin films. One of my favourites is The Champion. The actual scene in the ring always made me wonder how much was ad-lib and how much was choreographed. Charlie was an incredible actor.

Charlie Chaplin The Champion Poster
Charlie Chaplin Champion