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Our Storyhive funded short film I Phub You is officially complete and sent in to Telus. In the weeks leading up to the February release we are going to be posting a series of interviews with the people that made this film happen (cast, crew, etc!) so you can get to know us a little better. We are going to be asking about their process and their take on the film.

Today we have the wickedly talented, Andrew Joseph Pahlke. Andrew is an Edmonton actor that has appeared in many films, commercials, and you may even recognize his voice from various video games! Andrew Joseph plays the role of Kurtis in the Storyhive funded, I Phub You.

When you first read the script what were your thoughts?

When I first read the script my initial thoughts were how unique and creative of an idea this script was! It’s genius. You rarely see anything like this (in ambition, scope and creativity) really being done on the big or small screen nowadays so I knew I NEEDED to be part of it.

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What made you want to pursue acting in this film?

I knew as soon as I read the first draft from Keebs (Justin Kueber) that I wanted to be a part of this project. I love physical acting and the film required a lot of it (being a silent film). A special film like this only comes around once in a blue moon and I knew I had to be a part of it.

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Silent film acting is much different than “talkie films”. How did you prepare for acting in a silent film? 

I prepared by watching some oldie silent films, Chaplin ones mostly and naturally. Kueber gave me a list of films to prepare and he helped a lot as he knows this period better than anybody. Also a lot of physical acting in front of my mirror (laughs).  The biggest worry for me was coming off as stiff or unnatural during the black and white scenes but my team reassured me I was doing a fine job.

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Describe your character. Were there any influences to how you portrayed it?

The main influence I'd say on my character I play who is Kurtis is somewhat myself back in the day when I was a lot more shy and timid, especially being social around people I didn't know. A lot has changed since then (laughs). But I looked at the person I used to be when I was younger and added certain innocence to the character. Like a teenage cub in a pack of lions!

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Do you have any memorable stories from being on set?

The most memorable story of being on set was just the overall experience to be honest with you. I know that sounds pretty cheesy, but I enjoyed working with the cast and crew soo much that it made the whole shoot a memorable story really. Always love working with the guys at Guerrilla Motion Pictures, really down to earth and make filming a lot of fun.  

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What is your favorite silent film?

My favorite silent film I'd say would be The Artist as it was the first silent film I'd ever seen. It’s similar to what we are doing with Phub, by helping bring some of the classic and old into the newer age of film for a whole a new audience to see and appreciate. I hope this one can get the same reaction as that one did. Oscar please! 

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The Artist Silent Film