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Guerrilla Profile: Justin Cauti

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As I'm sure most of you are aware film making is a collaborative process. That's no different here at Guerrilla Motion Pictures. It's not just Sam Reid and Justin Kueber that do everything. On past projects we've worked with a number of talented actors, musicians and technicians. These profiles highlight certain individuals that give so much to our projects and make them that much better. Providing a short bio, examples of his or her work and links to their respective websites is our goal with these entries.

Our second Guerrilla Profile is Justin Cauti who was our first assistant director on our short film The Path. We also collaborate on many of Justin's own projects.



Justin Cauti was born in Edmonton, Alberta and attended Red Deer College for Theatre Production and Motion Picture Arts. Through 201 Pictures, a production company he co-founded, Justin has written, produced and directed multiple short film and theatrical projects. He has won an award for Best Director at the Interplay Film Festival and has had another film nominated for Best Student Production at the AMPIAs. He is currently directing a webseries he co-wrote and getting ready for another bout with the Edmonton Fringe Festival. He also still believes in Santa Claus.

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