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Emily & Matt | June Wedding | Edmonton Wedding Videography


We met with Matt and Emily in 2015 at Remedy Café in Edmonton – while enjoying a fantastic iced coffee, we really got to know this amazing couple. We talked movies, work, travel, and music – we knew right then and there we were going to love this couple! Actually, it turns out we even had some mutual friends too (small world!).

Skip ahead to June 2016 - Matt and Emily tied the knot with style and elegance inside the University of Alberta’s stunning Convocation Hall. Accompanied by family and friends, the celebration continued into the Hotel MacDonald for a night of heartwarming speeches, dancing, and creative family songs. A beautiful day underneath the Edmonton skyline was the perfect complement to this magnificent couple’s special day.

We really loved the way this video turned out. From a technical standpoint, it was the first highlight reel that we incorporated aerial drone footage of the Edmonton skyline. And, it was the first we were able to test our brand new slider in. Of course, the video would not be as good as it was without the help of Emily & Matt, who looked so stunning and were just so wonderful to work with. We wish them all the best and we could not be happier for this fantastic couple!

Take a look at the video below and let us know what you think. 



Wedding Planner: Chelsea Lawrie at River City Events

Photographer: Cosmin Danila Photography - SEE HIS BLOG POST HERE

Venue: Hotel MacDonald & University of Alberta Convocation Hall

Justice of Peace - Marilyn Komarnisky
Makeup - Sen Studios
Hair - Kim Philips
String Quartet - Kitka Quartet
Flowers - Tickled Floral
Limousine - Eternity Limos
DJ - Happy Wife, Happy Life

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Celine & Michael | February Wedding | A Rock Star Wedding

Our Rock Star couple, Michael and Celine tied the knot in style and class. A beautiful winter day in Edmonton was the perfect backdrop for this couple to exchange their vows. Michael, the former lead singer of the Edmonton band Radio for Help! and Celine, an extremely fun, world traveller, could not be more perfect for each other. The minute we met Michael & Celine we knew they were deeply in love with one another.

The lovely ceremony took place at St. John Bosco Church. After that, we made our way to the Epcor Tower for pictures. Up on the 15th floor we were able to see all of Edmonton in its gloriousness and photograph some absolutely stunning shots of our couple.

Our last stop before the reception was The Hat, a local bar in Edmonton. This place is very important to our couple because it was the place of their very first date. Seeing them at the table they sat in and reminiscing on that very first date warmed our hearts. We are extremely happy we got a glimpse into this adventurous couple's exhilarating journey together.

One of the things we like to do is give GoPros to our couples for their limos, party buses, etc. Michael and Celine loved the idea when we first told them about it and we knew they were going to have a blast with them. They surely did not disappoint. We gave the bridal party a GoPro for their party bus and we haven’t had this much fun looking at footage in a very long time. They took full advantage of the GoPro and came up with some very creative cinematography. Way too much fun!

This wedding was one of the best experiences we have ever had. Families and friends gathered from all over the world to celebrate this fantastic day.  Laughs, smiles and tears abound - this couple put on a show for the ages! Congratulations to Celine and Michael and we wish you all the best!



Guerrilla Update

ARRRGHHHHHHHHH!! What is that noise you may ask? That’s our Guerrilla scream and we are celebrating officially becoming an incorporated company; Guerrilla Motion Pictures Incorporated! It has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it?

Along with getting incorporated we have been busy, busy, busy here at Guerrilla. Firstly, we have been working with Rockland Landscaping Supplies in St. Albert on a series of short corporate videos that showcase the landscaping products that they offer. Our first video was on Screened Topsoil & Garden Mix. If you haven’t seen it yet check it out on YouTube right here:

Our next video is on Fire Rock, Boulder Drilling, Sandblasting, and Boulder Delivery – we even got to bring out the GoPro camera for some very cool “IN YOUR FACE” action shots. We are very excited to share it with you! And if you haven’t stopped by Rockland, and you are in the Edmonton/St. Albert area, we highly recommend going to check the place out. It has all your home/garden landscaping needs and superb customer service.


Our GoPro perspective from inside the rock.

Our GoPro perspective from inside the rock.


Next, we have been working on our short comedy sketch “10 Signs Your Friend is Becoming THAT Married Guy”. Our first day of shooting we saw some familiar and some new faces stop by set; Brody Connolly, Justin Kueber, and Daniel James were all part of the first day. We have a few more surprises and cameos for this one so sit tight. We hope to have it finished within the next couple weeks.


Brody Connolly and Daniel James star in "10 Signs Your Friend is Becoming THAT Married Guy"

Brody Connolly and Daniel James star in "10 Signs Your Friend is Becoming THAT Married Guy"


We are also gearing up for one of our major short films of this summer titled “On the Rocks”. We can’t really tell you much about this film as of right now but it’s a very cool idea and we hope to start shooting in late July/August.


Lastly, we just finished shooting our very first wedding video! We have wanted to shoot wedding videography in Edmonton and area for quite some time and we finally shot our first one June 6th for Ben & Keri Crawford. The wedding was incredibly beautiful and the ceremony could not have been more perfect. The sun was shining, people were smiling, and it was just an amazing day. We had a blast shooting the event and we can’t wait to share the video with you.  Here are a few screenshots of the wedding that we have gathered so far:

A big thanks to Ben & Keri for letting us shoot video for your remarkable wedding and a huge Congratulations guys! Also a big shout out to EarlGray Images who provided beautiful photography for the wedding and the wedding planner, Brittany, at Forever Enchanting Wedding & Event Planning.

If anyone is looking for wedding videography in Edmonton, look no further! Send us an email and we will set up a perfect wedding package for your special day.

That’s all from us here at Guerrilla Motion Pictures Inc. As always, we thank you for your ongoing support and we will catch ya later!

Justin Kueber

Sam Reid

Guerrilla Motion Pictures Inc.