The Lobster - Season One



After the breakup with his long-term boyfriend, Cody, Kevin tries to get back on his feet with the help of a lively Lobster. However, things never go the way they are planned and Kevin is forced into a descent so deep The Lobster may not even be able to reel him out of it.

Episode #1: Denial

The day has come and Kevin's ex, Cody, has moved out. Kevin has a new lease on life and can't wait to enjoy the new opportunities life has to throw at him! At least, that's what he keeps telling himself... The Lobster and Kevin soon realize that this break up might be tougher than it first seemed., even with lots of ALF episodes to watch. 


Episode #2: Denial

After learning about his ex's new relationship, Kevin creates a fake Facebook profile to keep tabs on Cody, putting a rift between Kevin and The Lobster. Kevin visits his ex and his new boyfriend in an awkward attempt to make a point to Cody about how fast he's moved on. Luckily, The Lobster is there to talk sense into him.


Episode #3: Bargaining

Addison and The Lobster set Kevin up on a blind date at a restaurant. After a few persuasive tactics, Kevin reluctantly agrees to go. Over headset The Lobster feeds Kevin tips during the date but after a revelation about Kevin's date, The Lobster loses his cool and compromises the evening.


Episode #4: Depression

The outcome of Kevin's blind date has thrown him into a state of depression. Luckily his crustacean friend has a few tricks up his shell including working out and posting a selfie on Instagram with appropriate hashtags. But Kevin gets some shocking news about Cody's relationship status.


Episode #5: Acceptance

After discovering the news that Cody has broken up with his boyfriend, Kevin makes a quick decision to go running back to his ex. With the help of Addison, The Lobster is determined to stop Kevin before it's too late. Upon reconnecting with Cody, Kevin makes a "fishy" discovering that changes everything he thought he knew about his ex.




The Lobster - Original Short Film



WINNER OF BEST FILM & BEST ACTOR (Andrew Joseph Pahlke) at the 2015 24/One Film Challenge

As part of the 2015 24/One Edmonton International Film Festival, teams had 24 hours to write, shoot and edit a short film under (7 minutes).

“The Lobster” – a story about a man, Kevin (Andrew Joseph Pahlke), trying to win back his boyfriend’s love by cooking him a delicious lobster dinner. Things get “fishy” when the Lobster comes alive and offers Kevin a helping claw in his failing relationship.